Cats Eye (Lehsunia)
Cats Eye (Lehsunia)

Cats Eye Gemstone is a very enthralling gemstone and its influences have been always an interesting topic. In Hindu gemology it is considered as Lehsuniya and it is the gem of planet Ketu, Cat’s Eye Stone attributes vivid planetary energies and provides fast results. Apart from the highest saturation with a different appearance its spiritual powers have attracted human beings.

Cat’s Eye or Lahsunia is concerned with an assured malefic force of Ketu in Hindu Astrology. The position of Ketu reflects about your ambitions of things connected with an individual house and remains in ranting about the same. Likewise if Ketu is positioned in the 4th house, you can persist in desiring about buying a place to reside in. Ketu reside in the tenth house to keep you in trouble in career related problems. If you would like to remain confident, make your decision timely, you will be able to take benefits of supporting an opportunity coming your way, wearing perk up Cat’s eye / Lahsuina is needed for you. Moreover consult best gemologist in Delhi for guidance on wearing Lahsunia Gemstone.


Here are Benefits of Wearing Energized Cat’s EYE (Lahsunia)

  • You get in confidence
  • Obstruction in progress gets removed.
  • You can take full advantage of opportunity coming up.
  • Cordial relations with higher-ups.
  • Cordial relations with parents.
  • You are to stay on in a healthy financial position.
  • Way to your achievement in spirituality gets cleared.