Red Coral / Moonga
Red Coral / Moonga

About Red Coral / Moonga Gemstone

The Red Coral Gemstone also known as Moonga (मूँगा), Is the gemstone of Mars / Mangal as per Indian Astrology, which is the planet of energy, ambition, verve and blood circulation. Red coral is drawn to boost the ecstasy of Mars in the horoscope.In the planetary sequence of the nine planets, Mars is the god of combat and is the captain of the armies of the Gods. It is a chalky, skeletal system deposit of the coral polypus – a tiny spineless that brood in quiet waters and is found at the depth ranging from 20 to 1000 feet. The Red Coral Gemstone, if one which has a strong ruler that is no other than the planet Mars and it is also known as the planet of fire, is a highly powerful as well as dangerous planet.


Here Are the Red Coral, Moonga Benefits from the Point Of View of Vedic Astrology

  • The first benefit of The Red Coral / Moonga (मूँगा), gemstone is victory over enemies and disputes. Since Mars is the god of verve it gives the massive courage to pull through obstacles and enemies and confirm victory for the individual.
  • The Moonga benefits in overcoming abeyance and laziness and provides velocity and the individual to take tasks to their logical outcome. It helps in overcoming delay.
  • Another powerful advantage of the Red Coral is its influence on the mental health. Since it is a robust gemstone it helps in overcoming signs of insouciance and mental depression.  It provides hope, briskness and energy.
  • One of the finest advantages of the Red Coral Gem is its charismatic effects of healing. It succor in explosions of the furuncle, boils, pimple, skin aliments, it purifies the blood and guards and patronizes against cuts, wounds bruises and injuries.
  • Those who have a contrary position of Mars in the horoscope leading to erratic issues, anger problems and lack of patience get a convenient improvement in efflorescence in these circumstances after wearing Red Coral Stone.
  • The Red Coral gives powerful protection against evil eye, jinx and black magic.
  • People who have Manglik dosh in their Kundali leading to challenges in interpersonal relationships should wear moonga stone  after an exhaustive Astrological research of their birth chart. If beneficial one can expect many advantages from the Moonga Gemstone.
  • Moonga / Red Coral represent strength of Marriage and long life of the soul mate. It saves women from widowhood and should be worn after complete astrological discussions.