Gayatri Mantra Jaap
Gayatri Mantra Jaap

The Gayatri Mantra is an honored mantra in Hinduism and praised in several Hindu Vedic literature, including Manusmṛti, Atharvaveda, and the Bhagavad Geeta. It is a vital part of the upanayanam (sacred thread) ceremony for Brahmins, and was traditionally chanted by us.

Becoming an effulgent Divine light is the greatest benefit, but if that’s not sufficient for you, or you realize it’s too far away, along the way to lord there are many other benefits that you can enjoy sooner.

Benefits of Gayatri Mantra:

  • Removes barriers from your life
  • Save you from danger
  • Cheer up your mind
  • Relieves ignorance
  • Enhances communication abilities
  • Opens your psychic trauma
  • Gives clear knowledge of the endless truths

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