What is Vastu?

Vastu Shastra is a Hindu skill that is concerned with systematic structure in architecture. If you are planning to build up your home, office or going to buy a new property, then vastu shastra can help you very much with the layout, design, direction etc. This knowledge has come to the fore in the ancient time and after that people are using Vastu Shastra to build house, roads, temples, office, etc.

Role Of Vastu Consultant / Expert:-

A vastu consultant plays a major role in the processing of the Vastu Shastra, vastu expert is the one who acts like a hakeem / vaidh for all your problems and gives you happiness by purging all of your problems. But, with the increasing slyness, many people come up and claim to be a Vastu expert. Common people are simple-hearted, they believe such sly people and consultant all of their problems before them. You must consider whether the consultant is qualified or not. A well-qualified vastu consultant will be having a deeper knowledge of this Shastra As a genuine Vastu expert in delhi Pt. Nitin Trivedi tells you the right way through which you can come upon the harmony.

Vastu Consultant In Delhi
Vastu Consultant In Delhi

Acharaya Nitin Trivedi is the Vastu Shastra Consultant In Delhi Ncr who well-qualified and experienced astrologer. Vastu shastra is the science of construction or structural design, an ancient philosophy based on an ancient view on the guidelines of nature and their effect on human dwellings. The designs of vastu shastra are based on directive alignments. It is an ancient quality of our tradition, comprehensively used in the setting up and construction of buildings. It covers extensive ranges of domains including poetry, dance, monument, etc but basically focuses on mapping human dwellings.

The doctrine of Vastu Shastra is however related mainly with architecture – building flats, forts, temples and residential apartments. Besides all these, Vastu helped produce great architects and city planning specialists. We believed that Vastu, the sage lived in India around 2000 years ago that presided over the planning and building of new towns and cities.