What is Astrology?

Astrology is the practice of demonstrative information about the super natural power and characterizing of a person’s life based on the analyses about the actualities of the planets straightaway from the moment that the person was born. It sets from the study of the individuals birth-chart, that is just like an aspect and that outlines where the planets (Grah) were at the actual position of a person. Our astrology consulting services including a person’s birth chart are helpful for making sure vast ranging details about various conditions of their life.


Why Astrology Consultation Is Required?

Astrology consultation is required because astrologer is specialized to identify your future predicts by going through your birth chart or kundali which is a unique diagram of positioning the stars and planets at the accurate time and birth place.  The planets and stars hold both negative and positive effect on the lifestyles of humans.


Famous Astrologer In Delhi

Nitin Trivedi is a famous astrologer in Delhi (Patel Nagar), now located at Shri Sai Mandir, Near Patel Nager Metro, New Delhi. He is an experienced vastu consultant, numerologist & astrologer consultant in Delhi who had studied from Sanskrit Vidhyapeeth from New Delhi. Nitin Trivedi is a well renowned name, famous astrologer in Delhi. He is a country-wide popular jyotish, an aspiring  name in Television Industry and given astrology tips to everyone through Disha TV channel.  With huge experience, Pt. Nitin Trivedi is distinguished for giving beneficial solutions to astrological problems. Nitin Trivedi Ji is also famous for giving the help relating to the construction of the house, business success, and peace of mind, barriers in marriage, and many other things. If you believe in astrology then you must be acknowledged of the importance of an astrologer, because he is the only one who can suggest you the right way where you can upward steps of success, so you should be in contact with a well-qualified and best astrologer in Delhi.


Here are some aspects in which Astrologer can help you: