Nazar Suraksha Locket
Nazar Suraksha Locket

Nazar Suraksha Locket means the “evil eye bead” is truly a real stone bead, which is worn to guard oneself from evil looks. This is a Real Gemstones Locket is believed to give a shield from the forces of evil or is the finest & simplest approach to protects you & your loved one’s from evil eye for aegis against evil forces in almost every culture of the globe like Hindu, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist and Christian. It safeguards a person from evil eyes and negative energies (as in the case of Nazar Suraksha Locket).

A Nazar Suraksha Locket is an astrological discovery. It protects wearer from all negative and difficult impedance, disastrous mischief and bad luck. It protects wearer from evil ideates of their enemies.

Mantra :-

“Hoom Hanumante Rudratamkaya Hoom Phat”

“Om Hreeng Bagla Mukhi Namha”

“ Om Drum Durgaye Namah ”

IMPORTANT: Kavach’s are pre perked up with your Name and Gotra by special mantras to give you apropos and effective infer. Spellbound or Energizing Kavach is major process in Kavach remedy. This work is completed with utmost care & inviolability. We are here only supporting you to recognize which kavach are going to be fruitfully for you for the particular needs.