Vastu Dosh Nivarak Yantra
Vastu Dosh Nivarak Yantra

The popularity of Vastu has made people very wakeful towards Vastu Dosh Nivarak Yantra. Moreover, cognizance of people often takes from the superstition, whose frauds and crafty people take benefit. But to turf out Vastu defect, one very simple remedy has been provided in the shastra knowledge, which is the enunciation and worship of the Vastu Yantra.

Here are some facts of Vastu Dosh Nivarak Yantra:

  • No special pooja is needed for its establishment.
  • We are happy to chant the mantra 21 times.
  • Then purify the yantra from Panchamrit and Gangajal and enshroud it in yellow or saffron cloth and place it in a house or temple.
  • If there is a vastu dosh in the house, office or shop with the impact of this Yantra then it will automatically reduce.